How do we register

Register for the program ! Hurry up

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How do we reach the farm?

We love our customers, Join us in the farm anytime after taking a prior appointment.

Our farm is about 90 min drive from Chennai city and a Rs.100 auto ride from Arakonnam railway station.

Honeydew Garden is just 2 km from Jaya agricultural college, Thiruvalangadu - Vyasapuram Road.

Farm Shiksha

Vyasapuram, Tamil Nadu, India




Can farming be learnt in a day?

Not at all . We are trying to tell you how deep the sea is before you decide it deep dive into it. Isn't it a smart move?

How to we commute?

We recommend you to drive down to Honeydew Garden, Vyasapuram (zoom car's maybe?). 

The location will be shared to you after you complete your registration. 

You could also use an Ola rental , or reach Arakonam Station and take a Rs.100/- auto ride / Share auto. 

In our experience it takes no longer than 90 min to reach the farm from Chennai and car suits this day the best.

What do I need to carry?

Carry a cap , some sun screen lotion , water for your journey , some hand towels , and a kick-ass play-list for your commute.

What about Food?

We got you covered with Pure vegetarian food & beverages from time to time.

I could google what you teach...Why can't I ?

1) You could watch all Shri. Rajinikanth movies at home.

2) You could google your medical symptoms.

3) You could live with Swiggy and close down your home kitchen.

4) You could file your Income tax returns using available information in the internet.

5) You could even find your life partner with just internet chatting.

Haven't we had enough? - Come and relish a day with nature and break your Urban monotony.

Lets reform from i-pads to paddy fields.

What do I pay and What do I get?

1) Farming entrepreneurship (11th August 2019)- Rs.3750 for  solo participants & Rs.4750 for business / life partners.

2) Kisan Kutumbmela (September 14, 2019) - Rs.999 for adults and Rs.799 for children.

What you get - Customised study material , farming advise ( paid advise is never rubbish) , Certificate of Appreciation , A day of memories and knowledge building.