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Aditya (CEO)

Aditya has over ten years of experience in various farming methods and believes that farming with technology and artificial intelligence is the future. He has been a consultant for several farms around Tamilnadu and is the chief adviser for many successful farms around India.  

He is an Auditor as well as a qualified Company Secretary and loves to amalgamate farming and entrepreneurship.

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Mango Paradise

Life is becoming ever faster and shorter. And with this ever increasing pace, all across the globe more and more people are realizing that there is no better way to achieve the forgotten balance than with a piece of nature: home grown, masterly produced, infused with love and compassion. We realized that carbide Mangoes from markets make you worrying always the same, boring and dull taste.

Honeydew Mangoes are well known for its unique taste and quality which makes you additive to have over and over again .


Ripening Chamber Technology

The plant is generally operated on 4-6 days ripening cycle. This 4-6 days ripening cycle comprises of 

  • Operation: 14° to 23° C and >90% RH. Pull down time (16-20hrs) to 16° to 18° C
  • Ethylene injection, after 24 hrs at constant room temperature of 18° or 19° C and >90% RH
  • Holding period 16-12 hrs (total 24 hours from start of ethylene injection) temperature held at 18° or 19° C and 90% RH
  • Ventilation after 24 hrs after ethylene injection. Ethylene and CO2 is expelled out and fresh air is injected in cold room. CO2 level not to exceed 5000ppm during ripening process.
  • Holding period for 3-4 days till coloration. Temperature can be reduced gradually to 14° to 16° C for enhancing the shelf life of the Fruit.
  • Air distribution system for uniform ripening of banana in palletized crates with Suitable air bypass sealing system for the crates.


Export - Fruits and Vegetables

One of the leading exporters of Coconuts , Mangoes , Amla , Okra , Tomato , Onions to Dubai , Singapore , Malaysia etc

Other products





Sugarcane from our farms are supplied to Rajalakshmi Sugar , Periyakulam





Banana Cultivation in Mannadimangalam , Madurai 



Dairy Farm


Okra Cultivation at Arakonam , Chennai using manure 

Dairy Farm

Dairy Farm

Dairy Farm


Dairy farm , Madurai .

Organic A2 Milk 


Dairy Farm



Honey cultivation in Arakonam , Chennai - Purely Organic


Dairy Farm



Organic Mushroom - Oyster and Button 

Chennai - Arakkonam


Farm Shiksha Vision


FARM SHIKSHA was established in the year 2001 by a women entrepreneur with Masters degree in Economics due to her passion for Agriculture along with her supporting family members after quitting a lucrative Government Job. Her venture was well nurtured by family members who are all from Agriculture background and also qualified professionals in Finance. The main idea is to develop a Modern Knowledge Bank by following the organic farm practices from growing fruits and vegetables till it reaches the end customer. Quality food with least fertilisers and pesticide is their motto. 

They follow the practice for ripening of the fruits as well.

Located 50 Kms from Chennai Farm Shiksha can be reached in one and a half an hour by road. As you drive in through the gates you can hear the welcome sounds of the ducks playing with fish and the friendly looks of the indigenous breed of cows willing to accept the grass and hay from you. You can easily become friendly with the calves and they will start licking your legs and you can enjoy the fresh coconut water amidst the farm smell of the cattle shed. You will really cherish the exact moment which your ancestors enjoyed for a long long time.

The students will have a macro view of the entire garden space consisting of mango, sapota, coconut and amla and drumstick trees with proper drip irrigation system, sprinklers, shade net, vermi compost unit etc.,

The students can walk through the narrow passage in the paddy field to have a look at the paddy grains grown in the farm and they can practically understand the various process involved in the cultivation of Rice which they consume on a daily basis.



Farm Shiksha Goals

Misconceptions about working in agriculture have long bogged down the number of young people opting for a career in this industry. 

India's young population is often discouraged by the image of punishing work and poor, weather-beaten farmers, so attracting youth to agriculture is no small feat. 

However, new technologies, methods and thinking have started to change the minds of many.

In reality, access to technology, information and better communication, along with vastly improved equipment are enabling farmers and agri-experts around the world to change the way we think and improve how things are done. 

We need to address these misconceptions through education and building awareness among the youth, as well as through training and skills development in the areas where the industry currently has large gaps.

It is important that schools and colleges, which provide the major pipeline of potential entrants into the agri-economy, to keep their curriculums up to date and are able to teach students about the incredible tools that are now available, the use of technology and the growing connectedness among farmers.

At Farm Shiksha, we strongly believe that the soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all. It is the healer and restorer and resurrector, by which disease passes into health, age into youth, death into life. Without proper care for it we can have no community, because without proper care for it we can have no life